Solar Panels Illinois [2023 Data & Stats] (2023)

Solar Panels Illinois [2023 Data & Stats] (1)

If you want toInstall solar panels, there is no better place than the Land of Lincoln. The state of Illinois boasts high solar energy potential, a short payback period for any solar energy system, and several solar installation incentives. Illinois solar cellsare one way to ensuresolar powerfor your home and a great investment in sustainable living and an energy self-sufficient future.

If you're looking to make the switch to solar energy, learn all you can by reading on. The prairie state offers a wealth of incentives, especially for low-income households, and your upfront costs are sure to pay off in a few years. Enjoy the peace of mind that you are using more energy from renewable sources and that you have 198 days of sunshinelower your electricity bill. Your PV system is a great investment.

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Illinois solar energy data

Illinois currently ranks 24th by total installed solar capacity. The installed 685.6 MW solar PV arrays produce enough solar energy to power more than 98,000 Illinois homes with renewable energy. Solar panels in Illinois produce up to 0.50% oftotal electricity generatedin the state. The low system price and renewed interest in solar systems should push this figure higher, as in other states.

To better understand howsolar energy capacityevolves over time, compare Illinois to solar panelsSolar panels in ArizonaAndSolar panels in Wisconsin. Renewed interest in solar panels means there are many solar companies operating in the state: more than 340 are currently available. 75 of them are manufacturers. 113 are solar installers and 158 other companies active in the solar industry.

Illinois solar power has created over 5,260 clean energy jobs to date and is a growing employer. Rooftop solar panels account for most of these solar panels as solar installers work hard to keep up with demand in the state.Renewable solar energyis the energy of the future, which is why more and more house roofs are abandoning their conventional energy systems and relying on theirsSolar system for energy generation.

Two developments in this area support the low price of solar panel systems. First, the production of solar modulesTechnology became cheaper. Second, increased demand drove prices even lower. therefore, theaverage system priceis over 80% lower than it was ten years ago.

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You can expect to pay as little as $13,400 for a 5KW solar power system. Renewable solar energy has never been cheaper and there are significant solar discountsFederal Tax Credit, and other solar incentives in Illinois are driving that number further down. The average solar system pays for itself in just 6.5 years.

There are over 54,000 solar arrays in Illinois for this very reason. Solar power is significantly cheaper than electricity from the energy supplier. After the solar system has paid for itself, you can enjoy completely free energy for almost two decades. You can save money on a new solar system or more, and by the end of the 20 year mark you will have saved more than $24,000 in energy generated.

Illinois Solarstatistik

Illinois National Ranglist24.
Installed solar panels (MW)685,6 MW
Can supply electricity to: (number of households)+98.400
% of government electricity from solar energy0,50 %
solar companies in the country346 (75 manufacturers, 113 installers and developers and 158 others)
solar jobs created5.260
Total solar investment in the state$1.5 billion
Out of Pocket Cost for a 5kWh system13.400 $ – 18.100 $
Net savings over 20 years24.300 $ – 32.800 $
Average Payback Time6.5 - 9 years
Electricity bill balancing for a 5 kWh system+ 65 %
Number of solar systems+ 54.000

Notable solar installations in Illinois

In addition to the 54,000 rooftop solar arrays, solar panel manufacturers are working hard to supply solar panels for major solar projects in the state of Prairie. Solar panel systems can produce solar energy for thousands of customers to enjoyBenefits of renewable energyand agreener electricity bill.

Notable solar installations in Illinois:

  1. Exelon City Solar, 9 MW solar panels installed on more than 41 acres of land, provides power for 1,350 Illinois residents.
  2. Geneseo, 1.2 MW solar PV installed on 5 acres capable of producing power for more than 200 Illinois homes,
  3. Grand Ridge Solar Farm, a 20 MW solar project, enough power for over 3,000 homes in Illinois, and
  4. Rockford Solar Project, 3 MW solar panels capable of generating power for 470 homes.

Is it worth buying solar panels in Illinois?

Yes, it is worth buying solar panels in Illinois. State and federal government heavily subsidize every solar system in the country. Installing solar panels ensures that your energy comes from a renewable source and thatyour electricity billis at least 65% lower (with a 5 kW solar system). You get credit for renewable solar energy by selling it, and the peace of mind that you're doing your bit to help fight climate change.

Solar companies in the state compete with their low prices and quality service when installing solar panels. your solar systemcan save money for youand reduce your carbon footprint. Illinois Solar Incentives Can Help Keep the Price Down: Illinois Net Metering is a surefire way to save moneyexpensive battery storage. In addition, you can equalize100% of your energy billdepending on how many records you have.

Average cost of solar energy systems

Many say that the acquisition costs of a solar system are too high. However,Technology has become much cheaperIn recent years. In the last five years, solar PV system prices have fallen by 45%. Local incentives, retail net metering by your electricity supplier andrising energy costsare the top reasons to make the switch to solar in Illinois.

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You can assume that the costs of your PV system will drop toaround $3.05 per wattinstalled by DC. That means a 10kW solar array can cost you around $30,500. State and federal incentives further reduce this price, and the 26% federal tax credit can offset your federal taxes. Low-income households enjoy even more benefits, turning the high initial investment into a great investment for your household.

Illinois Solar incentives, rebates and tax credits

The cost of your PV system is heavily subsidized in the Land of Lincoln. There are many solar incentives, rebates and tax credits that can crash the solar PV system. In the state of Illinois, you can enjoy the following solar benefits:

  1. The federal investment tax credit,
  2. The Illinois SREC incentive,
  3. Die Illinois Solar for All-Programme,
  4. Illinois Net Metering und
  5. Tax exemption for solar installation assets.

Der Federal Investment Tax Credit

The Federal Investment Tax Credit for yourdomestic solar systemis a tax credit incentive that can save you 26% on the total cost of your solar PV installation. The tax credits apply to the total cost of your PV system, including the solar system, inverter, battery storage and the work carried out.Your solar installercan make you an offer with which you can apply for this generous solar bonus.

By the end of 2022, your PV system will receive 26% solar remuneration. After that period, the subsidy drops to 22% in 2023. Beginning in 2024, federal solar subsidy for home solar systems will be eliminated, but utility-scale solar projects can still receive a 10% solar tax credit. Home Solar will continue to be eligible for local incentives after this period. The federal ITC is only available for cash purchase or home equity solar loan purchases.

The Illinois SREC incentive

With the Illinois SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Credit) program or the ABP (Adjustable Energy Block) program, you can earn SRECs for every kilowatt-hour of energy produced. You can then sell the certificate on the SRECs market to make extra money. These certificates were developed under the Renewable Portfolio Standard RPS.

Currently you can get $72 per SREC created. Remember that every MWh of energy you produce equals 1 SREC. An average American household uses about 11 MW of electricity annually, so your PV system is designed to produce that much energy. The excess energy is sent to the utility, but you receive renewable solar energy credits for the total energy produced.

Illinois Net Metering

Illinois Net MeteringFunctions via smart meters. Your solar PV system is designed to produce enough energy for your annual energy needs. With net metering, the excess energy is sent to your electricity supplier instead of to battery storage. In the summer, you produce more kWh than you consumeutilities offersSolar storage for you. during the winter,you use more electricitythan you produce, so you get energy from the grid.

At the end of the month you only pay the net difference and only if you have used more kWh than your home solar system has generated. If you choose onesolar rentalor aSolar-PPA(Solar Power Purchase Agreement) Be sure to check the contract details with your solar company as you may not be eligible for net metering with your current utility. See also solar buyback rates for more information.

DescriptionEquivalent Costs
The cost of PV - 10 kWh at an average of $3.05 per watt installed DC30.500 $
The Federal Solar Tax Credit @26% by the end of 20227.930 $
8.5MW SRECs at $72/SREC$612
Net Metering Illinois Savings at $0.1161 at 870 kWh per month1.212 $
TOTAL COST for a 10kWh home solar system at the end of year 122.570 $
Years before a 10kWh system pays off if all Illinois solar incentives are taken up11 years
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Tax exemption for solar installation assets

Under the Solar Investment Property Tax Exemption, you pay no additional property taxes on property appreciation when you install your solar system. Many solar states have introduced similar solar incentives as part of their Renewable Portfolio Stands RPS.

Your solar power system increases the value of your home once the solar installers have installed it on your roof. Illinois solar panels can add thousands of dollars to your property for every kW of solar panel system installed. However, your solar system does not increase the taxable property value.

Illinois Solar for all programs

As part of the Illinois Solar for All program, every Illinois household earning less than 80% of the area median income is eligible for a solar installation at no upfront cost. This solar system can be provided either through a solar lease or in the form of municipal solar systems. Installing solar panels is no longer mandatory to enjoy solar energy.

Your solar panel installation can be placed elsewhere. Every solar installation company is required to offer at least one type of solar solution with no upfront cost. Your solar incentives in Illinois just keep getting better.

Top Solar companies in Illinois

There are over 340 solar companies in Illinois. One hundred and thirteen of these solar installers will help you transition from your conventional energy system to a greener energy solution. You can produce your renewable solar energy directly on your roof. So, to make it easy for you to find the best solar installer, we have compiled a list of the top ten solar installers in Illinois:

  1. Windfreies Solar, Chicago,
  2. PlugPV, Schaumburg,
  3. Mangel Solar, Lisle,
  4. Ailey Solar, Chicago,
  5. GRNE Solar, works in several states,
  6. Greenlink energy solutions, Rockford,
  7. Stateline Solar, Lena,
  8. YellowLite, Mokena,
  9. StraightUp Solar, operates multi-state, and
  10. SunproSolar, also works multi-state.

frequently asked Questions

Are solar panels free in Illinois?

If your household earns less than 80% of the Illinois area median income, you may be eligible for solar leases or community solar systems under the Solar for All program. These programs aim to provide equal opportunities to all people who so desireuse more green energywithout the highSolar panel cost.

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How much does it cost to install solar panels in Illinois?

Depending on your area and other factors, an average 5kW solar array can cost you anywhere from $13,400 to $18,100. Your energy bills will be significantly reduced as your home solar system will produce energy at a fraction of the cost of grid power. The initial investment pays for itself after just 6.5 to 9 years.

Do solar panels increase real estate value?

Yes, solar systems increase the value of real estate. Depending on your state and region, you can expect your solar installation to add up to $6,000 per kW of installed solar capacity to your property value. Your solar energy system increases your net worth, and solar panels in Illinois are not subject to additional taxation under the Solar Property Tax Break.

Should You Pay Cash for Solar?

If you can, pay solar cash. This qualifies you for the federal tax credit. Through the end of 2022, you can claim a refund of up to 26% of your solar system price in the form of a Federal Tax Credit (Federal ITC). In 2023, this will drop to 22%.


Solar energy in Illinois is supported by its amazing 198 days of sunshine per year and state and federal incentives. Several solar system incentives offered in the state can significantly reduce your initial costs and provide significant savings early in your solar journey.

The low cost of solar, low cost of solar energy and apermanently reduced utility billsare allbenefits solar projectsin Illinois offer you. Embrace solar energy to ensure an energy independent future and acleaner environmentfor your future self!

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